LIFE16 CCA/HU/000115

"Municipalities as integrators and coordinators
in adaptation to climate change"

This year we also participated in the LIFE Information Day

The Ministry of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, organized the LIFE Information Day 2019 and the first LIFE Exhibition on April 16, 2019, where to our LIFE-MICACC project also was invited to participate as a presenter and exhibitor. First, the participants had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Manuel Montero Ramirez, who is in charge of the evaluation of LIFE proposals and of the EASME agency in Brussels, which will follow up on the implementation of ongoing projects..  During the morning, Veronika Bokor (Ministry of Interior, Department of Nature Conservation), Barbara Kovács (Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Department of Climate Politics) and Szijártó Ágnes (Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Environmental Development and Strategic) the LIFE national contact points presented the 2019 calls for proposals in the fields of nature protection, climate policy and environment protection.  During the afternoon, successful Hungarian LIFE projects were presented, including the LIFE-MICACC project. The novelty of this year is that, in parallel with the presentations, the guests could also learn about 13 successful Hungarian LIFE projects in the framework of the I. LIFE exhibition. The presentations at the event are available on the following website (in Hungarian):

LIFE MICACC booth with Zsuzsanna Hercig (Ministry of Interior), Petra Szatzker (Ministry of Interior) and Zsófia Szabó (Municipality of Bátya)Introducing the LIFE-MICACC project, presentation by Zsuzsanna Hercig

Project partners

Minister of Interior Bátya KTSZ General Directorate of Water Management (OVF) Pannon Pro Innovations Püspökszilágy Rákócziújfalu Ruzsa Tiszatarján WWF Hungary LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS