LIFE16 CCA/HU/000115

"Municipalities as integrators and coordinators
in adaptation to climate change"

LIFE-MICACC online survey for the neighbouring countries

The long-term goal of the Ministry of Interior of Hungary (and also the whole consortium) is to have as many settlements as possible both in Hungary and the neighbouring countries that are consciously preparing for and adapting to the effects of extreme weather events caused by climate change. We believe that while climate change is a global challenge, the most effective way is to adapt and take actions at local level. Municipalities (by themselves or with neighbouring municipalities) play a key role in coordinating adaptation at local level, involving all the relevant stakeholders (local residents, farmers, civils, entrepreneurs etc.).

Within the framework of the project, we would like to help the strengthening of relations between Central European municipalities, the cooperation and exchange of experiences in the field of adaptation to climate change. Therefore, we organize filed visits for interested municipalities of neighbouring countries (accommodation and meals are provided) within the framework of the LIFE-MICACC project. These visits are expected to be organized in the spring of 2021 in the 5 pilot areas (Bátya, Püspökszilágy, Rákócziújfalu, Ruzsa, Tiszatarján). Introducing similar initiatives launched in Central European countries to Hungarian municipalities is another goal of ours.

With the following online survey, we would like to assess the type and frequency of the experienced climate problems and adaptation solutions municipalities use in neighbouring countries. At the same time, we want to assess the interest for field visits. On the one hand, to organize the site visits according to it, and on the other hand, to help making a decision on which other two foreign languages will the Adaptation Guide be translated to next year. (The Guide will serve as an aid, in which the process of small-scale natural water retention measures from design to implementation will be described, including every step with examples and advices.)

You can find the survey at the following link (it takes about 10 minutes to complete): (in Bulgarian) (in Czech) (in Croatian) (in English) (in German) (in Polish) (in Romanian) (in Serbian) (in Slovak) (in Slovenian) (in Ukrainian)

The survey can be completed until 15th January 2021.

You can find the project summary in different languages in the Documents.

We kindly ask you to contribute to the completion of the survey and to forward it to every Mayor, who, in your opinion, might be interested in the topic.

If you have any questions, we are available at the following e-mail address:

Project partners

Minister of Interior Bátya KTSZ General Directorate of Water Management (OVF) Pannon Pro Innovations Püspökszilágy Rákócziújfalu Ruzsa Tiszatarján WWF Hungary LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS