LIFE16 CCA/HU/000115

"Municipalities as integrators and coordinators
in adaptation to climate change"

LIFE-MICACC application (2nd article)

In the second article about our knowledge-sharing application presents one of the main elements: the Menu, where useful information related to natural water retention measures has been collected.

Under Solutions we offer advices for three types of water management issues: water scarcity, water abundancy and complex problems, where both water abundancy and scarcity appear as a problem. In case of Water scarcity and Water abundancy to help finding a relevant solution to each issue the main category has been broken down into subcategories. At the end of each solutions description, some already executed solutions are mentioned. By clicking on them you can learn more about each one.

Under Good practices you can find Hungarian or European completed best practices broken down into three subcategories. With the help of the map function you can search easily between solutions, if you are specifically interested in a region’s adapted practices.

If you encountered with such solutions on your settlement or traveling, but it cannot be found in the application, as a user you can send in an indication to the application’s operator, who will later upload it into the system. For this please click on Reporting new problem/solution in the Main menu. About reporting we will provide further information in the next article.

Under Videos we uploaded all short-films presenting the five pilot sites and all recorded conferences organized within the framework of the LIFE-MICACC project. In the future we will upload more videos on water management and presentations about the project deliverables.

In the Professional background section, we have tried to collect the legislation that may be important for the investor when implementing natural water retention measures and also provide brief technological descriptions of the prototypes implemented during the project. The Water management professionals lists the professional organisations that have provided data to help us implement the project.

Specific contact details can be obtained from the staff off PANNON Pro Innovation Ltd. (the operator of the application), who’s contact details can be found in the Contact menu.

The official website of LIFE-MICACC project, the Collection of Best Practices of the Association of Climate-Friendly Municipalities and the official Hungarian and international website of LIFE applications are collected under the Useful websites menu, where users can find out about the currently announced applications.

In the Forecast, information section, we have collected the contact details of 5 water-related websites that provide all users with information on current weather conditions, drought risk levels, water level data and the National Adaptation Geo-information System to help them make the necessary decisions to adapt to the impacts of climate change. With the Water Risk Filter, users can assess the water risks associated with their activities.

WE hope you have gained a lot of useful information and will be able to use the app’s ever-expanding knowledge base frequently in the future!

Project partners

Minister of Interior Bátya KTSZ General Directorate of Water Management (OVF) Pannon Pro Innovations Püspökszilágy Rákócziújfalu Ruzsa Tiszatarján WWF Hungary LIFE LOGOS 4 WATERS